Lube Service Center

Auto-Mate franchisees offer fast and efficient motor car servicing and great value for money. The company prides itself on its clean and neat workshops, customer-focused staff and conveniently located outlets.

Auto-Mate's focus is on out-of-warranty vehicles that are between three years and older. Services offered include full motor vehicle servicing (including 4 x 4's and LDV's), lube service, repairs and maintenance (including fleet work) and safety checks.

The outlets are all equipped with hi-tech diagnostic equipment to identify engine faults, electrical problems, clear fault codes and reset service lights, airbag lights, etc. on most makes of vehicles. Franchisees also make recommendations on planned maintenance and provide service records and regular follow-ups.

Our lube services include

  • New Engine oil
  • New Oil Filter
  • Check & Top Up All Fluids
  • 62 Point Safety Check
  • Reports On Defects Found

When should I get a lube service?

It sounds like a simple question that begs a simple answer. But, the truth is, there is no one simple, right answer to oil & lube change frequency, unless the answer is “It depends.”
In every case, the best answer starts with recommendations from the people who designed, built, and warranty the engine: the vehicle manufacturer. Most of what you need to know about your vehicle, and how to get the best service and protect your warranty, is in your owner's manual packet.

The cleaner your engine, the better!

The engine is the heart of your car, and keeping it clean and healthy is a top priority. A clean engine will provide you with the performance that was designed by your engine manufacturer. A dirty engine will cause loss of performance, fuel economy and wear of critical engine parts, so regular lube services will assist in keeping your engine running like it should.

So the benefits of regular lube services are:

  • Longer engine life
  • Better fuel economy
  • Cleaner engine
  • Lower vehicle emissions
  • Better engine performance

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